ShelfX has announced the release of a fridge that uses QR codes to know what it contains

Innovative inventory management and self-checkout solutions provider, ShelfX, has announced that it is now offering a new product called the Vending Fridge, which uses QR codes to keep up with what has been added or removed from its contents.


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ShelfX’s Vending Fridge nixes the cashier, uses QR codes, RFID to ‘know what you took’

QR codes and RFID tags aren’t uncommon when it comes to automated paymentapplications, and now Colorado-based ShelfX has purposed them for its new wireless-equipped Vending Fridges. Eliminating the need for a cashier — or cash, for that matter — each unit allows you to purchase any items packed inside by scanning a QR code with your phone (using the company’s app) or an RFID badge.


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ShelfX Unveils a Smart Vending Fridge that Knows Your Face Following NAMA Award Win

Colorado, United States, April 22, 2013 — ShelfX, provider of revolutionary at-shelf buying and inventory management solutions, is proud to announce that it has been recognized as the winner of the NAMA (National Automatic Merchandising Association) 2013 Innovation Awards in the Vending Machines/Micro Markets/Kiosks category for its cutting-edge Vending Fridge, a refrigerated vending solution with RFID-enabled access and payment.

Following this win, ShelfX is also announcing the release of a facial recognition add-on that allows its smart shelves to instantly identify buyers’ faces as they approach merchandise. What does this mean to shoppers? The ShelfX Vending Fridge is now even more convenient than before, offering consumers a faster, more intuitive experience in any vending environment.

Pushing retail technology to the next ground-breaking level, the Vending Fridge can be equipped with a small camera and easily integrated with highly-accurate facial recognition software. As like the typical application, the first time a customer approaches the Vending Fridge, they use their NFC Xcard to open the fridge and access products. In doing so, the attached (and soon embedded) camera will snap a picture of their face. The shopper can then proceed to select products as the ShelfX Vending Fridge records what is taken and bills accordingly. The next time the customer comes back, the shopper merely needs to approach the fridge and ShelfX system will automatically identify their account, provide access, track purchases and bill.

No lines, cashiers, product scanning; and now with a first-time-ever facial recognition integration in the retail space, no more NFC cards or phones. It’s just the shopper purchasing fresh meals or merchandise in the easiest, most hassle-free way possible.

“Facial recognition has been used in countless industries like security and transportation for many years now, so why not take it into the retail space and enhance the buying experience by eliminating every possible obstacle in the buying process,” says Ran Margalit, CEO at ShelfX. “It’s a simple, reliable and best-of-all, hassle-free add-on to our at-shelf-buying solutions.”

With a commitment to modernize the shopping experience and offer retailers productivity-boosting solutions, ShelfX is on the verge of releasing an open API which will enable more intelligent software and hardware integrations. With this new API, progressive retailers or third-party solution providers will be able to develop cutting-edge applications such as the facial recognition add-on, customizing any ShelfX solution to meet the needs of their business.

ShelfX will demonstrate its at-shelf buying and inventory management solutions at the NAMA One Show on Booth #1451 in Las Vegas, from April 24-26. ShelfX Vending Fridge and other solutions and the facial recognition add-on are expected to be available beginning of June 2013. For sales or upgrade pricing, contact ShelfX at 1-855-4-SHELFX or

About ShelfX

No lines, no cashiers and no product scanning; ShelfX is pioneering at-shelf buying and inventory management solutions for grocers, sports stadiums, pharmacies, airport kiosks, offices, hospitals, schools and more. With the ShelfX Smart Shelves and NFC-based technology, organizations customize applications such as in-aisle checkout, in-office convenient stores, modern-day vending and stocking management solutions, all powered by ShelfX’s wave-and-go access and payment processing. Forget lines and checkout counters; shopping and stocking with ShelfX is convenient, flexible and easy, helping organizations strengthen customer loyalty, increase shopper conversion rates, and better control inventory. For more information, visit

ShelfX is a smart fridge that doubles as a vending machine for public zones

A smart fridge, a little bit like the vending machines in your offices, can hoard loads of other goodies for you apart from M&M’s, cookies and sodas. The intelligent fridge applies RFID technology and QR codes for its working and eliminates the need to have personnel around every time you make a purchase.


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ShelfX’s ‘Vending Fridge’ Makes It Easy To Grab And Go – And Knows What Customers Take

BOULDER, CO — Vending Fridge from ShelfX features a “smart shelf” equipped with sensitive scales that know the exact quantity and and identity of products stocked on it. The new vending system also knows what customers remove or return to the shelf, adjusting accordingly before processing the payment.


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This Innovative Fridge Vending Machine Knows Exactly What You Took From It

Retail technology company ShelfX has invented a vending fridge that does everything on its own, and it’s pretty cool. The fridge combines QR codes, RFID cards, mobile apps and smart shelves to do a variety of things to make self-checkout possible.


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ShelfX launches The Vending Fridge with automated payment system

ShelfX has recently announced that they have launched a new product called The Vending Fridge. Utilizing technology as a QR codes, The Vending Fridge is essentially a fridge that will only open when it recognizes an account (with an associated payment method) via QR codes that can be displayed on the user’s smartphone.


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